Sarajevo is the city where West Meets East. The vibrant city is the product of a mix of cultures, traditions, and religions as a result of dominations of the Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Venetian Republic and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Only in a few places in the world you can find Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques and synagogue in the same city, and sometimes in the same squares. Sarajevo is one of them.

It is an enchanted place where visitors can experience streams of the East through mosques, bazars and minarets and at the same time breathe the in Western traditions.

After 1992 when hard internal conflicts destroyed the city, today Sarajevo is a cultural city with many events, such as the “Sarajevo Film Festival” or “Sarajevo Jazz Festival”, and other cosmopolitan offerings.

Katolički školski centar Sv. Josip

The Katolički školski centar Sv. Josip was inaugurated in the 1994. This period was hard for Sarajevo’s people, especially for children, because of the war in the country. This building was built by the Catholic Church to infuse hope to the people and, above all, became a symbol of respect for life.  

This center is a multiethnic and multiconfessional school with 3 schools inside: Primary School, Gymnasium and Secondary Medical School